Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Master Bedroom Inspiration

     I'm getting ready to paint and rearrange our master bedroom. We've been putting it off for too long, and now I have two really good reasons to fix it up a bit.

#1 We may have to move or rent our house in the next year or so and this will make it more appealing to buyers/renters.
#2 We may not move for some time so we might as well enjoy our house.

     There are so many amazing blogs with gorgeous homes, I thought I'd share some of my inspirations. There is no way my room will measure up to these, but you can bet it will be the best I can do with the resources I have.
     First up is Kirsten Krason's home. Her family is even more adorable than her house. We have a sleigh bed similar to hers so that's why I'm drawn to her room. I feel our bed looks huge and dark. She's managed to keep her room looking light. I also like how her style is a newer take on traditional. Beautiful!
     Next is a blog I've been smitten with for quite a while. Sherry and John Petersik have the ever so addicting Young House Love. They are a cute family too with a fresh and stylish approach to decorating their house. It's loads of fun to watch them tackle each room. Every inch is inspiring. The colors they use are the ones I'm drawn to over and over again as well.

     Now I'll share my all time favorite design blog House Of Turquoise. There is an endless collection of photo's that speak to my sense of beauty. I could browse her images all day long.

     Today a guest blogger posted pictures of  her own home on House of Turquoise. Her name is Paige and her room in surprisingly a lot like mine. The layout of doors and windows is pretty much the same and she even has a sleigh bed. We just decided to paint our walls gray a few days ago, and HER walls a gray. Crazy weird. These are a couple of the pictures.

     So far I have a quilt in progress, some curtain fabric, and the paint color selected. Now I just need time to get it all done.

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