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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Cut Side Bangs

Everyone's bangs seem grow faster than the rest of their hair, so I'll share some secrets to cutting a side bang.
Does anyone remember Nick Arojo from What Not To Wear?  A few years back I took a class from him down in LA. What I'll be teaching you is similar to what he taught me. The only differences are the fact that he had us cut tiny sections at a time and we used a straight razor. The over all concept is the same though.

Step One: With dry hair, section out your bang area. You want your hair to be dry so you don't accidentally cut too much. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way.
Step Two: Starting at your eyebrow, cut down the side of your section with the scissors to create an angle. You might have to take another pass going upward to get a nice clean line.
Step Three: Do the same to the other side.

Now you should have  a nice point with the shortest pieces being by your brow.
Step Four: Take thinning shears and cut into the section vertically several times to reduce the bulk of the hair. My biggest criticism of people cutting their own bangs is how it tends to look like a big random chunk of hair hanging in their face. This helps with that.
What are thinning shears? Take a look! They are also called texturizing shears.
Anyone attempting haircuts at home needs a pair of these. The "teeth" come in different sizes and spacing to cut a lot or very little hair. This pair has pretty moderate spacing and I use it the most.
Your done! Easy enough right?


  1. I just did this with great success! Totally easy and it looks great! Thank you!!!

  2. Of course it did! You are a very creative, talented woman!

  3. Thank you! This is the first time I have had bangs in YEARS and they turned out awesome:)

  4. The lady that cut by bangs last needed to read this tutorial!

  5. It's extremely kind of you to share this. The main reason I don't have bangs, (though stylists always want to cut them in), is because my hair grows so fast. I have had other "experts share how to cut them, and some worked out. But side bangs are the most natural (in my opinion), therefore the most desirable. Thanks!

  6. I have been looking for a tutorial on doing it this way. So many people do it another way that makes no sense to me. Including my hairdresser. I'm going to be doing this.

  7. I'm very surprised I have never seen this method of cutting side bangs and I have to say I'm nervous to do it but I am NOT going back to my own salon to have my bangs cut again. She does lovely color but my bangs have a personality problem and I come home already wishing they were grown out again. Thanks for sharing this and all the other great over 50 styles for women.

  8. This is very simple and perfect for me! :) My only question is how do you use the thinning shears??

  9. If you are inexperienced with thinning shears, just nip into your hair where you want the line cut. It will leave a very soft edge.

  10. can anyone give more instruction on where to cut with the thinning shears?

    1. After you get the length of your point to where you want it, just nip into the bang section vertically with the thinning shears (just like the picture) a few times to soften the section. It won't be precise and it shouldn't leave any obvious chunks missing. Really it's a matter of cutting just a little at a time until you like how it looks.
      I hope that helps!