Thursday, July 21, 2011

Secrets for Buying Eyeshadow

     Really nice makeup can be a small fortune. And I'm addicted to nice makeup! The color always goes on smoother, lasts longer, has higher pigment and blends better. So here's a little cheat when it comes to buying eyeshadow. Buy a quality eyeshadow palette with MANY colors. I have two Pop eyeshadow compacts I bought years ago. I still love and use them all the time.
     Right now, Ulta has a value palette from Pop  called "Bare Textures" and it contains 39 colors with eyelid primer for only $28!!!
    That's less than 72 cents for each color. Pretty sweet deal! Junky makeup can cost more than that! I think this is one of the better deals I've seen in a long time. Since Ulta always has a large variety of value kits to choose from I put them on my sidebar so you can see the other options as well.
     Just remember, you can afford quality makeup if you are strategic in your purchases!


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