Friday, July 1, 2011

$36 Laundry Room Makeover

I have always loved the idea of a pretty laundry room but have never justified spending the money to do anything with mine. That is until I had the idea of doing it on the cheap. And I mean CHEAP. Those mis-tint cans of paint at home stores have always beckoned to me but I've never actually bought any. That is until now! I crossed my fingers and found a wonderful grayish green for only $5. You obviously can't be picky and I wasn't. I just wanted a neutral.

Once I found my paint I looked through my scrapbook papers for color inspiration and found these designed by Amy Butler. So my pink and blue accents were drawn from these
 A couple weekends ago, I found a fun set of ceramic canisters at a yard sale for $3 which hold my laundry bags, gloves, and laundry soap (labeled to avoid confusing it with any food item).

All the other storage items and a pink clipboard were from around the house either being underutilized or not used at all.

The wall art was made by me for free. I reused an old canvas of mine and the other supplies were already on hand.

I wanted to do wall hooks so I had the guy at Lowe's cut some decorative trim to fit pre-cut planks ($2.91 each). The hooks were on sale for $2.39 (originally $5.97 each) as was the trim (sale price $4.79). So these little hook projects only cost $28 for both racks. I probably could have found hooks at the dollar store, but I thought these were super pretty. They are the jewelry of my room.

My daughter and I painted and decorated an empty diaper box to hold party supplies. I borrowed this idea from another blog, but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw it.

So here are the before pictures. For your amusement, I left it in all it's messy glory!

...and after!

The grand total for my fun little makeover was only $36! I no longer need to be embarrassed to have people see it, assuming I keep it this way!


  1. If you weren't so stinkin' sweet I would hate you;)! So cute!!!