Tuesday, July 5, 2011

J Crew Knockoff Necklace Tutorial

A couple years ago J Crew was selling these beautiful necklaces.

I loved them and figured I could make something like it. So I made this:

Well, I wanted to show you how I did it, but there were NO pearls at the craft store last time I went. That was really strange and very disappointing. I rarely get out to go shop like this so I had to make do. These pretty blue beads caught my eye and I figured I could still make a fun necklace so that's what I had to work with for these pictures. To be completely honest, I like the pearls better.

First of all you'll need this ribbon-like trim. I have no idea what it's called, but they sell it in the trim section of the fabric store and I believe this one is 100% cotton. It's very inexpensive which is a bonus. I used 2 yards for my necklace.
I also used large beads, a beading needle and beading thread that's kinda like dental floss.

I took my "ribbon" and found the middle. You want to start in the middle so you get an even number of beads on each side. I didn't do that with the black one and that's why the necklace knots at the end of the beads rather than in the back.
Then I simply knotted my thread and started to sew my beads on. The key to this necklace is to make it evenly uneven. Does that make sense? You want to alternate from one bead, to two beads, then maybe three singles, and you fold the ribbon between each section. A couple stitches with folds and maybe a twist makes for an interesting necklace. You want to look like you didn't try too hard, but you need to step back and make sure it's turning out okay.

When you finish the first side, knot your thread then knot the ribbon where the beads end.

Now go back to the center and complete the other side the same way.

That's really it. Tie the back into a bow and enjoy your new necklace!

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