Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gift Card Envelope Tutorial

I think men are really hard to shop for. Usually any guys I buy for end up with an unimaginative gift card. Well, my dad's birthday came up and I really wanted to put at least a little more effort into his gift card so I bought a plant and made this cute little envelope. I though I'd go ahead and share how I made it.

 Step One: Fold your paper to see how big you'll need the envelope. I always make them just a tad larger than the card so it isn't such a tight fit.

Step Two: Place a bowl or cup on the ends of your envelope so you can trace out a nice round flap. Cut the rounded ends.

Step Three: Cut off the inner rounded ends straight across so the outer flaps can fold over.

Step Four: Your over all shape should be something like this. I went ahead and inked all the edges and folds.

Step Five: Glue the seams leaving the top open to slip the card in.

Step Six: Decorate the front as desired and place a seal on the back flap. This is basically finished, but I wanted to add a stick so I could place it in a plant.

Step Seven: Cut out a small piece of paper. Hot glue the skewer and paper patch onto the envelope.
Cute huh? Pretty simple too. It's a great way to use up those paper scraps you just hate to throw away!


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