Wednesday, May 4, 2011

$2.67 Centerpiece and Banner of Love

'Tis the season for showers. Not just rain, but baby and bridal gift giving gatherings. The first on my list was a bridal shower for my dear friend Dannelle. Her wedding colors are pink and chocolate brown so all the decor fit in with that color scheme. I immediately made an adorable banner in these colors with papers I already had. To be completely honest, they were papers that had been collecting dust because I wasn't too thrilled with them for scrapbooking. I was rather amazed with what a great banner they made though. I experimented with pleating paper and I'm really happy with the texture it added. Of course a bit of glitter and rhinestones add that dash of girly glitz as well. I chose the word "AMORE" so Dannelle can use it as decor for her home or maybe even a baby girls nursery some day!

Total cost for banner: FREE

I'm lucky to be part of a large bridal party. There were seven of us throwing the shower. This means everyone was willing to pitch in on the costs for the shower. One of my responsibilities was to make centerpieces. Target had some adorable pink pails for only a buck. With some other pink paper, I made little paper birds that I glued onto wooden skewers and then tied on strips of tulle. Annuals are a pretty good price now so I spent $4 on 2 six packs of plants. I then cheated and put geranium cuttings from my front yard in the pails as well.
Then I found some really pretty fabric on sale. I spent $9 on a yard and a half. The fabric I made into squares to place under the pails and I made a really long runner for the food counter.  In reality I made 6 napkins and a runner which we gave to the bride to use in her home. Pretty cool huh?

Total cost per centerpiece: $2.67

Table runner: $3 (I don't have a picture of the runner. Sorry!)

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