Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Part Three

     I love pretty linens and china. I've been lucky enough to inherit some of my grandmothers tea cup collection and I pick up bits and pieces at yard sales when I get the chance. However, I don't have enough of everything for a large party like this one. Besides, we had a large range in ages attend our Wonderland party.
      Therefore, the kid tables and the adult tables were slightly different. I wanted a Mad Hatter tea party going on with the adults using my vintage tea cups. It didn't seem wise to have the munchkins around some of my grandma's tea cup collection, so they ended up with Drink Me labels on apple juice bottles. I'm sure they would rather have apple juice than tea anyway. Everyone had the double gold band salad plates and Parisian flatware. I think my tea cup collection looks perfect with the rental china. The touch of gold really ties everything together.
     Both tables had a baby blue cloths with a white runner. How cute are the covers and bows on the kid chairs? They almost look like little dresses! So sweet!
     (All the salad plates, flatware, linens, tables and chairs pictured are from Expo Party Rentals )

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