Thursday, April 26, 2012

Starting Over - Again

     The last month has been CRAZY.  I made a big job change and switched to a new salon. It has been stressful trying to notify my clients, order product, try new products, make sure I have all my supplies on hand, buy supplies I'm lacking, (so far there has been more cash out than in), get a business license, and adjust to being an independent contractor. Right in the middle of all this I also got into a hit-and-run car accident. Madness! But at some point, you just shrug your shoulders and press on. I'm hoping this change will simplify my life in the long run. Since I will no longer be an employee, I can go home early on a slow day and pointless meetings will be a thing of the past.
     I may be stressed out and tired, but this brings us one step closer to achieving our long term goals of owning our own little salon/photography studio. Hooray for that!


  1. That is of luck to you at the new salon.

    1. Thanks! So far everything is going well. I have more time with the kids just as I hoped and I get to help my hubby with his photography. I feel very blessed.