Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keeping Kids Still

My brother and his wife just loaned us this cool little bench for taking pictures. I couldn't wait to try it out as a prop. So I  dressed up the kids and prepped snacks to keep them in place. The last time I tried to take pictures of my little guy by myself was a joke. Not one picture turned out right. So you might see him with his mouth full, but at least he's where I want him to be!


  1. Kids and bench look great! Well done you! ok NOW i am going to clean my house ;^)

  2. The apple photo is a classic. I luv your little boy's expression. I also love the one where they are sitting on the bench eating popcorn. That is adorable. There is something very interesting about the photo with the boots as well. You have an artistic eye!

  3. Thanks! Photos with a smile are always great;however, I also like to capture them just as they are. I love little hands, funny expressions, and anything else which reminds me of this brief time in life known as "childhood".