Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Party For My Princess

I know it's been a while since I last posted. Our days are finally starting to settle into a routine leaving me a little more time to do things for myself and work on creative projects.
Even though our little world has been turned upside down,
I still threw a Barbie Princess birthday bash for my sweet girl.

I decked out a simple pink tiara with goodies from my craft stash.
Barbie Princess Dress we found at a yard sale. Lucky us!

{Barbie Princess Party Details List}

Decor we had on hand:
Pink curtains (hand-me-downs)
Pink tablecloth overlay (from her grandma's fabric stash)
Birthday banner (from her 1st birthday)
Pom poms (from her bedroom)
Pink pails (left over from a bridal shower)
Yard sale fan (one of her toys)

Party items we found on clearance:
Pink plates 
Princess napkins

$1 party deals:
Tiara party favors for girls
Sword party favors for boys
Yard sale dress for the birthday girl

Heart shaped PB&J sandwiches
Juice with club soda
and of course a Barbie cake I made!
(I'll give details on the cake next week. So stay tuned...)


  1. And what a lovely party it was! Beautifully executed and as always, a pleasure to attend. (Aaron just walked by and said "I really like the banner colors!" thought you'd enjoy hearing that your brother has good taste in banners too!) Love ya!

  2. I forgot to thank you for having so many wonderfully thoughtful snack alternatives for V. You thought of everything!

  3. No problem! I'm glad you could make it! Having you there made it extra special :)