Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home Atmosphere

     We've had a few rough weeks. You know the kind. Something arises and you get stressed, cranky, and have zero patience for the kids or anyone else in your life. Insomnia strikes and now you're constantly tired as well. 
    What do you do? Fume? Throw a pity party? Get depressed and let the house go to pot?
     I contemplated my options. I didn't like what life looked like when I gave into the negativity. I refuse to let unkind people or unfortunate events steal my joy. So I accepted our circumstances. Life happens. Troubles come. It's inevitable. I want my kids to see grace under pressure. Experience patience and joy when the road is rocky. That seems so unnatural and can be really hard, but I want my home to be a place of peace and a haven of rest for my family. So I slowed down and wrote a list of how to stay calm and what my focus should be each week. My list will probably look different from another persons, but this made a huge difference in the atmosphere of our home.

1. Cuddle
2. Read to the kids during the day and read something fun for myself before bed.
3. Lavish extra love on my family.
4. Try to stay home as much as possible to simplify my week.
5. Play outside.
6. Be content.
7. Write down my blessings and what I'm thankful for.
8. Ask my kids what they are thankful for.
9. Make a special  meal.
10. See house work as a way of beautifying our home rather than a drudgery.
11. Avoid negative talk and complaining of any kind.
12. Have a movie night.
13. Stick to a schedule so the day goes smoothly and naps are taken on time.
14. Invite a friend over.
15. Pare down the to-do list.
16. Cuddle some more!
17. Read my Bible.
18. Pray.

What do you do when hard times come?

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