Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative Family Portraits

     Like any other art form, photographers develop their own styles. Some have the soft vintage look, others decorate their images with artistic flourishes in Photoshop, and then there's my husbands. His style emerged immediately. My guy knows what he likes and does it well. I like to describe it as classic dramatic because his images are clean with a high contrast in color, light and dark. He doesn't go too trendy which is great if you want your pictures to have a timeless look to them. He also loves to be creative and fun, especially with family portraits.
    I love how this image shows the personality of each of us. I will admit, I'm probably too relaxed in my parenting. My son is crazy and lives dangerously. Our little princess is 100% girl and can easily spend the entire day in her dress up attire. Our little dog just tags along and is a constant companion for all of us.
   I think it's great when you can capture the silliness of kids to always remember the fun of being little.

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